ANEC Priorities

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  • Accessibility


    Ensuring older people & people with disabilities can safely use consumer products and services
  • Child Safety

    Child Safety

    We strive to enhance the quality & safety of children’s lives
  • Digital Society

    Digital Society

    Ensuring the safety, accessibility, interoperability and privacy of ICT products & services
  • Domestic Appliances

    Domestic Appliances

    Enhancing the safety and performance of domestic appliances for consumers
  • Energy and Ecodesign

    Energy and Ecodesign

    Ensuring Ecodesign, energy labelling & smart energy systems deliver benefits for consumers
  • Horizontal


    ANEC Potitical & Horizontal Activities
  • Services


    Ensuring standards reduce risks & increase quality provision of general interest services
  • Sustainability


    Assessing the environmental impact of products & helping consumers making green choices
  • Traffic and Mobility

    Traffic and Mobility

    Increasing active and passive safety issues related to road traffic

ANEC raises standards for consumers

ANEC Newsletter

ANEC General Assembly (ANEC e-Newsletter ed. 4 – 2023)
• CAN YOU HELP US? • ANEC General Assembly 2023 • GPSR published • EP adopts report on Standardisation Strategy • ANEC Annual Review 2022/2023 • EU Decision on safety requirements published • ANEC supports SReq on lifts • Safe use of barbecues • New Machinery Regulation published • ANEC Technical Study on IEC 60335-2-9 • Consumer expectations from revision of EU packaging rules • What’s needed for reliable environmental claims • reaLIFEstandards - helping Europe achieve its climate and energy goals • Recycled content in plastics • EP adopts report on ESPR • ANEC meets young Parliamentarians • ANEC Vice-President appointed to ENISA Advisory Group • Study on the role of standards in EU digital policy legislation • Joining forces on European fire safety • ANEC Traffic & Mobility WG meets • News from ANEC member countries

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Few people are interested in technical standardisation and even fewer have heard of ANEC. Yet, although standardisation may not seem at all sexy at first glance, it is an essential component of modern life and the role of ANEC is key.
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